creative vs functional design

Creative vs. Functional Design


A good website has got to be designed beautifully and creatively. And not just that, it is to be highly functional too. 

A decent functional website will be designed to accommodate feature-rich tools that are well navigable and contain a fast download speed. 

Your Website should be feature-rich. It implies that providing features at an accessible location of the online page. Counting on the Website’s purpose ensures your Design accommodates functional blocks of knowledge, sort of a quote, weather update, etc. 

Navigable Website means hunting the Website’s different pages with few clicks without getting lost. A navigable website saves plenty of your time and offers a pleasing experience for the users. 

A website that is done creatively and functionally does not be if it takes too long to load. If a website contains a plodding download speed, the likelihood is more likely that your Website will have reduced traffic. 

Fast loading website takes the very best priority over other aspects of web design. to possess an innovative web design that is also highly functional, confirm you hire an honest design company that focuses on both website design aspects.

What is Creative Design?

Creative Design is computer-generated symbolism and digital animation created to visualize a possible product. 

The creative design ideas involve going out of your comfort zone to make it unique. It can involve a homemade custom font, drawing a logo, or making different iconography to help your client stand in their industry.

Why consider Creative Design?

Your website has to be dynamic and fluid enough to carry on to the eye of the visitors once they need to like the layout of your website because the quality of highlighted texts and pictures the identical. 

This is often what an internet design agency can facilitate your achievement. Your visitors would not tolerate the absence of organization, and that they would also not anticipate for the pages to open. 

You would like to induce the location designed and developed so that it can open easily and might be viewed easily on all platforms, especially mobiles.

Creative Graphic Design is usually discounted because it is not defined correctly. Companies think that creative designing is just about hiring a graphic designer. 

Creative Design is not only about visual design. Visual Design is an essential element in creative Design but is barely one element. A creative design company designs a creative website that tells a story and can exist in many forms; they will be ads, videos, contests, apps, or e-commerce sites.

What is Function Design?

Web designers’ eternal quest to use creativity and innovation has shifted the way websites are designed today. 

Within the last decade, the net development industry has seen tremendous progress. 

Designers make the planning development phase more enjoyable in Functional design services by implementing the most recent web design trends and techniques. 

As within the other creative disciplines, professionals from the web design industry embrace the newest trends to serve their clients in the best way possible.

Giving importance to usability is the key to success. Businesses that fail to grasp the importance of their websites’ usability can not improve their online reach. 

Visitors return to only those websites that offer a seamless user experience. Functional Design may be a paradigm accustomed to simplify the look of hardware and software devices. 

A functional graphic design assures that each part of a tool has performed works with minor effects on other parts. Functionally designed modules tend to possess low coupling.

Why consider Functional Design?

Excellent Information Architecture

Information architecture is nothing but the way information is presented on your site – which must be perfect. 

Ignoring the importance of knowledge architecture reduces the performance of your site. Since websites provide tremendous information to users, it is crucial to arrange that information in the correct sections and categories.

Mobile Friendly

If you wish to succeed in more customers, it is utterly crucial to own a mobile-friendly website. Since many individuals use their mobile phones to access the net, having a mobile-compatible website can expand your reach. 

For creating a mobile-compatible website, you will be able to use web-based mobile website builders. The most exciting part of using them is that they are free.

Once you end up developing a mobile-friendly version of your site, you will then test it with tools like Google mobile site tester to work out whether it’s easily accessible or not.

Fast Page Loading Speed

Visitors get frustrated after they visit an internet site that takes lots of your time to load. It’s one of all the foremost vital reasons for them to depart the position. 

Website owners spend lots of their time and money to style an internet site and bring traffic. They should also improve their sites’ performance because it affects their rankings to an excellent extent. 

All the high-performing websites load within 5 to six seconds, and if yours is way behind that, you wish to require crucial action. Additionally, they also provide necessary suggestions to boost the speed, so you’ll take advantage of such tools to boost your site’s performance.

Improved Navigation

Visitors get annoyed after they land on an internet site that is difficult to navigate. Instead of designing an excessively complicated site, it is better to keep it simple. 

Intuitive navigation is one of the significant critical elements of a successful website because it makes it easier for visitors to access its different parts easily. 

In short, keep your navigation as intuitive as possible to enhance the user experience. Use HTML or JavaScript menus to spice up the performance of your site. 

The most exciting part of using them is that they seem perfect on all browsers. Your navigation needs to be clutter-free; otherwise, it will fail to figure for users.

Attractive Logo

Designing a captivating logo is additionally vital to spice up the performance of your site. Since it speaks volumes about your brand, it is to be attractive.

The proper placement of the brand is crucial because it helps bring visitors back to the homepage.

High Visual Appeal

The overall look and feel of your site must be appealing. Otherwise, it will not be able to engage visitors effectively. They are going to leave your site if it’s not aesthetically pleasing. 

So, web designers must use the right colors on your site, which align with your brand personality, visually appealing.

In addition to it, well-formatted content, effective error handling, browser compatibility, and quality usable forms are other essential features of a high-performing and user-friendly website.

What to choose: Creative Design vs. Functional Design

Building an internet site is about creating a site visitors expect you to own. Both creative and functional web design have many advantages.

However, if you follow only the benefits of 1, you may miss plenty of necessary characteristics of another. Due to that, it is essential to strike the correct balance.

The right balance between creative and functional web design catches the eye of your users. 

Having a functional site that offers the user a satisfying experience is what converts. You will turn your Website into a profit-generating machine for your business.

Most web designers often are concerned about how the location looks and forget how it functions. 


That said, there is just one thing to conclude – it is not functional versus creative. the most straightforward option would be available and inventive. 

A website functions best if the target market likes it. This implies that the very mixture of practical and artistic depends on who your expected visitors are, still as their preferences.

The basis should, in any case, be functionality – and also the creativity part should rely upon a pair of questions:

  • Does it add value to your Website?
  • Will my audience like it?

Find answers to those questions, and you may get a transparent and firm direction of your Website Design with our creative design services.

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